Pro Rates and Services




  10AM-6PM 6PM-10AM All Day
2D DCP $350 $550 $650

(3D Glasses included)

$500 $600 $700
35mm Composite $500 $600 $700
HDCAM/ DVD / DVCAM / HDV /Blu-ray /DigBeta / BetaSP $500 $600 $700
D5 (deck Included) $700 $800 $850
HDCAM SR (deck included) $800 $900 $950
Reception Room
(With Pro Screening)
$300 $300 $300

All rates are hourly unless otherwise noted


*Primetime requires 2 hour minimum booking.

**Weekends require 2 1/2 hour minimum booking.

Catering, Wet Bar, and Limosusine service availiable

Frequently asked questions:

Q:How do I book the Aidikoff Screening Room?
A:Booking your next event or screening at the Aidikoff Screening Room has never been easier. Simply give us a call at (310) 274-0866 or Book Online now!
Q:What is your cancelation policy?

Notice of Cancelation is required for all bookings at the Aidikoff Screening Room.

48 Hours before Daytime Screening

96 Hours before Evening Screening

This means Monday Cancelations must be recieved by the previous Thursday. We do not accept cancelations during the AFM, Golden Globe, Academy Nominations and Screenings unless the time is rebooked.

Q:What about Parking?
A:The Aidikoff Screening room park remains extremely private with direct entry into our underground parking and direct elevator access from the parking to the screening room.
Q:What is your seating capacity?
A:We seat a comfortable 57 and have the option to bring a few more in upon request.


Accepted methods of payments:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express

A deposit is required with all reservations.


  • Klipsch Signature Sound Theater
  • RealD – The Premier Digital 3D Experience
  • Digital 3D Stereoscoptic Projection
  • doremi DCP-2000 Cinema Server
    -JPEG 2000, MEPEG2, Digital 3D playback
  • Bacro DP2KP Post Production Projector
  • Panasonic D5
  • 8 Channel Digital Audio
  • Dolby SRD, EX, Type A & SR Analog
  • Dolby E
  • BGW Power Amplifiers
  • SONY Beta SP / Digi Beta
  • DV CAM / MiniDV
  • Blu-Ray
  • HDV
  • Strong Super Lumex Xenon Lamp Hours